Trace – A historical review of ‘East Indian Christians’, The Salsette-Vasai East Indian Cook Book I and II are all available for purchase.

Contact Sunil or Cassia on the numbers listed below for the prices and to buy your copies of the books. 

Mr Sunil Pereira

Mrs Cassia Pereira

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  1. Jennifer Leonard says:

    I have a copy of Trace that is in excellent condition and seems to have been neatly annotated by someone who identifies the young lady the photograph on page iii as “My Cousin from Vile Paule.” I found it in New Orleans, LA, I believe, in a resale shop. Such a unique treasure. I am a book seller, but not sure that I have a market to sell this copy. It seems special, too, but I’m not a rare book collector by any means.

  2. Roseann Doris Viegas says:

    How much does the each book cost? Trace – A Historical Review of EI Christians,
    The East Indian Cookbook I & II … Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dorothy Rodrigues for sharing this treasure with the next generations. RIP.
    Thank you Mrs. Cassia Periera for continuing the legacy of your parents.

  3. TJ Kamat says:

    Hi my family is mainly from Mumbai and Goa. I have family spread across India, the US, Canada, and a few in Europe. I’m not sure if we have any family connections in common with one another. I’m the only Christian in my family that I know even though many of their spouses are christians. I’m interested in buying these books and reading more about my heritage and ancestors. My parents know about many of the places, traditions and customs, food and other cultural topics you have researched. How do I find and buy these books? Is the first cookbook out of print? Are all 3 books available to purchase? I now live near Philadelphia in the US so maybe I can buy the books on Amazon? TK

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